Thursday, December 14, 2017
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2015 Municipal Election Survey Data

To All Concerned,

There has already been some discusion about my survey. I say "my" because I chose the passages of the Platform to use as questions, I did the research to find addresses, emails & phone numbers. I compliled the data & published the results. I did ask for approval of the questions from my executive committee before sending them out. 

I have personally been contacted by Craig Isom & Terri Hartley. Both of them are questioning the validity of the survey. Apparently I should have made a second or third contact with every candidate to verify that they meant what they said in their written response. Could I have done so? Yes. I however chose to take the answers as presented to me.

Here are links to my notes in researching the contact info, the mailing sent to each candidate & coppies of the responses. Please note that Cozzens & Hartley responded via the google form so I have formated the size & shape of their answers to fit the page but made no other changes. 

Notes -

Mailing -

Responses -


There was no malicious intent nor action in any part of this process. If I have unintentionally slighted anyone I offer my appology.

I encourage the reader to review the data presented & come to your own conclusions. 



Ryan Nelson


Iron County Republincan Party