Thursday, December 14, 2017
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2016 Caucus Trainings

IRC Precinct Officers,
Caucus night, March 22nd,  is rapidly approaching & we need to prep you for your responsibilities that night. 
To do this we will be holding training meetings the next 3 Wednesday evenings.February 17th, 24th & March 2nd.
7:00 pm at the GOGreen Enterprises building  located at 506 N 200 W in Cedar City.
I would like to do a training in Parowan as well but will need a volunteer to organize that meeting. Please contact me if you are willing to set that up. 
In Preparation go to and spend sometime becoming familiar with the training literature provided there under the "Caucus HQ" button in the center of the page. We will review the required way points of every precinct caucus, how voters can participate online and the requirements for absentee voting as well as post caucus reporting. Prompt reporting will be especially important  this year due to the extremely short window between caucus, candidate filing deadlines & convention.
The Local website will be updated shortly to include a link to the State Parties Caucus Training page as well as precinct caucus locations. 
Thank you for participating in & supporting the Caucus Convention system.
Ryan Nelson
Iron County Republican Party​