Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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2017 County Organizing Convention


Attention County Delegates,
The Iron County Republican Party Organizing Convention will be held April 29th 2017. 10:00 am at the Cedar Middle School. 
The business of the convention will primarily be to elect new local party representation. On the ballot will be the positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary , Treasurer and the 2 State Central committee members. 
This is also the opportunity to propose changes to the County party constitution & bylaws. It is also the opportunity to submit resolutions for discussion & vote. Proposals need to be submitted to a member of the executive committee on or before April 15th.
We encourage each of you to make this a priority.
At the time of this writing I am not aware of anyone intending to run for any of the available positions. Interested candidates need to submit a letter of intent to any member of the executive committee on or before April 15th.
A formal call to convention complete with rules & an agenda will follow in the next few weeks. 
Finally, please allow me a personal privilege as I express my views on personalities and composition of an executive Committee. 
A slate of candidates is a bad idea. It will only continue to encourage division within our party. Optimally, all factions would have representation on the committee. Think Lincoln and his team of rivals. We wont ever agree on everything but we can encourage honest respectful discussion. This is unlikely if the various ideals are not represented. 
Within the executive committee there should be two specific personalities and/or skill sets. Beyond mere management and diplomacy someone needs to be a natural connector. The kind of person who readily reaches out to others in the community and maintains relationships with a wide and divers group of individuals. This person is the bridge between factions and between the party & our elected officials not because it is a duty or assignment but because it is something they naturally do. Additionally the party needs a digital communicator, someone proficient at all forms of mass digital communication, Group emails, Social Media and website management. The better we share what is going on and encourage discussion the greater participation we will achieve. Especially from the rising generations for who digital communication is all they know.
We look forward to seeing  you at Convention.