Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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2017 UTGOP State Organizing Convention Report

New Utah State GOP Leadership


Robert Anderson            hatchf15@mac.com


Joni Crane              jonilcrane@gmail.com


Lisa Shepherd            lisa@utgop.org


Abram Young             abram@utgop.org

Message from the Iron County GOP Chair:

The convention may not have gone as expected or desired. However, it is our job as Republicans and as delegates is to respect the process. The bylaws, constitution and platform of the Republican Party are at the core of who we are as Republicans. As such, when disapointment and frustration come, and we experience disapointment and frustration at times, we can re-center ourselves in those core values and continue the fight for our rights, liberties and freedoms as a party and as an American people. We can move forward and support our new Utah State GOP leadership and help them in their new elected roles. They have a tough road ahead of them and I feel that, as a party here in Iron County, we can be instrumental in the cause that we represent as Republicans and help support our new leadership. 


Andrew S Young

Iron County GOP Chair