Sunday, December 17, 2017
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County Commission Candidate questionnaire

Dear delegate or central committee member,

Thank you for taking the time to serve as a delegate. I feel it's important to vet the candidates thoroughly. As I have not seen candidate town-halls, or any debates and with feedback from others that they haven't heard enough from candidates, I felt it important we do something. I put together a questionnaire asking candidates to answer questions. This was sent out last night and they were given until tonight to respond. I understand this is short notice and I also sent out reminder emails and texts to try and get everyone to respond who could. If I receive any responses tomorrow, I will make sure to add those to this link, which will automatically update them (google drive), so maybe check the link again later on tomorrow and see if anybody else has responded as well.
If a candidates missing, that means have not yet received their response. 
I hope this is helpful in learning more about the candidates and helping you make an informed vote on Saturday.
These will also be posted to
Additionally in case you need your call to convention or central committee meeting again, here is a link to obtain the electronic copy.
Below is a copy of the original email sent out to candidates.
Thank you!
Blake Cozzens
**This is a guest post and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Iron County Republican Party. **
"Dear Republican County Commission Candidates,

I haven't seen opportunities for town halls, questionnaire's or debates. I was hoping to have you as candidates answer the following questions to help me better make an informed decision on who to vote for when voting at the upcoming county convention and central committee meetings. 


I would also like to be able to share the answers to these questions with others, as I have had fellow delegates contact me asking me why there aren't any debates etc. It's important for delegates and the central committee to be able to thoroughly vet all candidates running and vote for the best candidate.


Please respond by Thursday, 04/14 at 7 PM. I will then send out responses to fellow delegates and central committee members at that time. 


Thank you for running, I appreciate your time!


Blake Cozzens



How long have you lived in Iron County?:



What do you see as your top priorities if you are elected?:




Why are you running for this office?:




What is your professional background?:




What would you like to improve about the management of Iron County?:



What do you believe is the best solution for Iron County's energy needs?:




What is your vision for providing water in Iron County in the coming years?:






What is the county's role regarding property rights?:




What is your plan for management of county tax dollars?:




What would you like to see more of in Iron County?:





What principles of good government will you follow to help you in your decisions?:





Why should we vote for you?:





What is the best way for people to learn more about you?:

What is your position on the caucus system and SB54?

What is the proper role of government?"