Sunday, September 24, 2017
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House 72 and Senate 28 Debate upcoming!


We wanted to make sure everyone is aware and invited to come out to a debate hosted by the Leavitt Center on June 13th from 7-9 PM. The debate will be between the primary candidates for house 72 and Senate 28.This debate will be held at the Sterling Church Auditorium located inside of the Sharwan Smith Center at SUU.

Those candidates are listed below:

House 72 - Matthew Carling, John Westwood

Senate 28 - Casey Anderson, Evan Vickers

We hope to see you there! Thank you!

2nd congressional investigation report is now available

The 2nd congressional investigation report conducted by Thomas Wright is now available

2012 Iron County Convention results

We want to thank everyone who came and participated today in the county convention. It was a phoneminal turnout and we had so many concerned citizens/delegates attend on easter weekend to make their voices heard! We want to thank all those candidates for running and congralutions to the below candidates for advancing to a primary! The primary will be held on June 26th and will determine the Republican Nominee of the races below,

State House Representative 72 - 155 votes cast (in the 3rd round, there were 210 county delegates to begin with)
Matthew Carling received 74 votes with 48% of the vote
John Westwood received 81 votes with 52% of the vote

County Commission - 2nd round- 205 votes cast
David Miller received 120 votes with 58.5% of the vote
Alma Adams received 85 votes with 41.5% of the vote

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Chair's Message

The coming year promises to be one of great interest, challenges, healthy debate, entertaining and informative conventions and real politics. Please let us, the Executive Committee, know of your interest in meeting our goal of advocating and protecting our Utah Caucus system and interest and participation in that process. We will have several events to put on and will need lots of help. Let us know if you want to volunteer. We look forward to the coming year.