Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Get to know Dan Webster for County Commissioner "A"

Dan L Webster

I have lived In Iron County for 61 years

  1. Water
  2. Prairie Dogs
  3. Energy Sources-Wind and Solor 
  4. Balanced Budget 
  5. County Safety 
  6. Future Growth & Development

Get to know Wendell Shallenberger for County Commissioner "B"

Full Name:
Wendell Shallenberger

How long have you lived in Iron County?:
I was born in Indiana, served my country in the US Navy for 20 years, retired from active duty and have lived in Cedar City for over 10 years.

What do you see as your top priorities if you are elected?:
My top priority will be to get the business affairs of Iron County back in order. The growth of government through unnecessary taxation needs to stop and fiscal sanity restored.

Why are you running for this office?:
I am running for this office because the Iron County taxpayers deserve to have their tax money spent in a responsible and wise manner.

Candidate Questionnaire

We have created a questionnaire for all of the local candidates who the county delegates will be voting for at the county convention on the 17th. As we receive responses back from the candidates we will post the results here. We will add links to the results on the Iron County 2010 Candidate List page next to the applicable candidates. We encourage all county delegates to get to know the candidates before deciding who you will vote for, we hope this will be a valuable asset in getting to know the candidates.

If you are a candidate and for some reason did not receive an email to fill out this questionnaire please click here to complete the questionnaire.

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Chair's Message

The coming year promises to be one of great interest, challenges, healthy debate, entertaining and informative conventions and real politics. Please let us, the Executive Committee, know of your interest in meeting our goal of advocating and protecting our Utah Caucus system and interest and participation in that process. We will have several events to put on and will need lots of help. Let us know if you want to volunteer. We look forward to the coming year.