Thursday, December 14, 2017
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2015 Municipal Election Survey Data

To All Concerned,

There has already been some discusion about my survey. I say "my" because I chose the passages of the Platform to use as questions, I did the research to find addresses, emails & phone numbers. I compliled the data & published the results. I did ask for approval of the questions from my executive committee before sending them out. 

I have personally been contacted by Craig Isom & Terri Hartley. Both of them are questioning the validity of the survey. Apparently I should have made a second or third contact with every candidate to verify that they meant what they said in their written response. Could I have done so? Yes. I however chose to take the answers as presented to me.

2015 Municipal Election Survey

10/29/15 4:15pm

It appears that the survey was somewhat misleading & that I have unintentionally publlished half truths. For the record my intention was to do nothing more than facilitate the vetting process for voters in our communities. It did not go as I had hoped. My appologies to Craig Isom & Terri Hartley for the unfortunate missrepresentation of their beliefs. I have here included their responses on the same page as my origional post hoping that all links to the incomplete report will now include their intended responses. I regret the honest mistakes.


Ryan Nelson


Craig Isom

This is Craig Isom. My positions published by the Iron County Republican Party (and Iron County Today) are absolutely contrary to what my positions really are. The candidate questionnaire asked for our "level of agreement with the following statements". Under time pressure to respond, imposed by the specified timing or otherwise, I mistakenly marked "Strongly Disagree" level 5 rather than "Strongly Agree" level one.  In my haste, I interpreted stronger agreement to be a 5 rather than a 1. For the record, I would fight to the death for family and religious freedoms, I believe that free enterprise is the foundation of our prosperity and expression of our freedoms, I believe that our Constitution was divinely inspired and should be defended as such, and the government is an enabler, not the maker of our inalienable rights. Those who know me, a precinct chair and State Delegate, and those who attended our County Party Convention, know that I fully embrace the Republican Party Platform. Our Iron County Republican Party Chair knows that too. When he saw the disconnect between my responses and his knowledge of my conservative values he could have, ethically and in fairness, called me and confirmed that my answers were intended as indicated. But he chose not to. Apparently such a call wasn't politically expedient, and that disappoints me. The Party should support all of its members, not just those "chosen" by local Party leadership. I appreciate the opportunity for this rebuttal even though it's way too little too late.


Terri Hartley -

Dear Cedar City citizens, I want to take this time to thank those of you who have emailed me or called me about the Republican survey that was published in the Iron County Today Wednesday, October 28. As surveys usually go, one (1) being the least and ten (10) being the best, I answered this survey as such and then realized after it was published this particular survey was backwards. I take full responsibility for not paying attention to the side notes of strongly agree and strongly disagree, and would like to set everyone's mind at ease that all my fives (5's) should be ones (1's) with the exception of the last question, which was worded differently as either "very committed" or "not committed" to the Republican Party platform, which I selected correctly. Whose mistake it was matters far less than the importance of pushing correct information. Enough said. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.  Please share this with your friends, and please remember to get out and exercise your right to VOTE.


The following cover letter was sent to all municipal candidates in the County. There was no response from any candidate outside of Cedar City & Enoch. For those two communities extra effort was made to verify addresses & phone numbers & to personally invite everyone to answer our questions. 


The Iron County Republican Party thanks you for your willingness to sacrifice & participate in local government.

Yours is a non partisan race. Therefore, we will not be endorsing or promoting any candidate. However the core function of any political party is to promote the beliefs & values of its members as described in our platform. We believe it our duty to vetcandidates in all races regarding their position & belief on platform topics & to make public our findings. Accordinglythis survey is being sent to all local candidates. 

 Your answers will be published in both our website & the local paper.

Please respond by October 7th

Thank you in advance,


Here are their responses as published in the Iron County Today. Following the graffic are the Candidate responses to the 3 esay questions included in the Survey.

We hope that this effort aids voters as they seek to identify those candidates with whom their beliefs are most clostly aligned.



Ryan Nelson





Question - "Please briefly explain your reason for running"

Cedar City Council

Paul Cozzens - I have always enjoyed being involved in the community. As I have become more involved it has become apparent to me how much of a positive impact one person can have. I enjoy working with and meeting so many good people. I believe we need common sense solutions in all levels of government, including city government. I have owned and operated a business for 29 years. I believe that meeting schedules, payroll and finding solutions to problems give me the experience needed to make good decisions on a city council level. I believe tax dollars need to be spent very wisely and that we need to focus on the proper role of government when looking at how we spend taxes.

Terri Hartley - I provide a very much needed perspective for the city council. Our community’s needs are diverse, and a healthy city council should reflect that diversity. I will strengthen a reasonable, sound decision making process with the Cedar City Council. I have extensive and successful experience, training and background on how to wisely manage resources and funding. Cedar City has a very proud heritage and a very bright future. I seek to preserve what makes Cedar City special and the best place in the world to live and raise a family.

Kip Hansen -I derive great personal satisfaction performing public service. I was on the city council when we bulit our new airport terminal, city administration building & library. It pleases me to know that these types of things will be here long after I'm gone.

John Black -To put my education, experience and God given abilities to work, inpartnership with othersin serving our community and its citizens. Service intended to enrich and enhance our quality of llife now and in the future. adhering to constitutional guidance and conservative discipline.

Craig Isom -I believe that Cedar City is at a crossroads - with positive and needed economic growth in our future. My 40+ years of business counceling experience uniquely qualify me to help at this critical juncture.

Enoch City Mayor

Worth Grimshaw -I was asked by a number of people to run for this office to bring a more conservative view point to our city government rather than a tax and spend policy. I care about our city & have a desire to make it even a nicer place to live. I am opposed to people in power imposing an expensive agenda on the citizens who may not agree.

Enoch City Council

Debra Ley -I desire to serve my community, and to insur ethat our city is based on constitutional & conservitive principles

Wayne Grimshaw - During the crunch my neighbors either lost their jobs or were cut back to 27 hours a week, the city government made absolutely no concessions. Their solution was to increse taxes on those whose saleries were so diminished. The city obviously is not representitive of the people.

Shawn Stoor -For the opportunity to positively impact the current & future state of our city through efforts to beautifyu, maintain & improve the infrastructure & developement of business & or services to better serve the citizens of our community.

Brent Taylor - I stand for the people of Enoch and what Enoch citizens want. Enoch City is a wonderful and attractive place for families to live. I want our children to grow up with the best education possible. The city will continue to naturally grow; however, we have the choice to decide on how that growth and development is planned.

I pledge to study out each issue and will always try to make informed decisions. I would like the people to have a say in what goes on and I am willing to listen. I believe when people work together they can solve problems.

I would like to preserve our rural atmosphere and want Enoch to stay a great place to live and that is why I am running for office.


Question - "Briefly state the top 3 issues of concern to you & why"

Cedar City Council 

Paul Cozzens - As we continue to overdraw our aquifer, water needs in our valley is one of my biggest concerns. As a member of the CICWCD (Central Iron County Water Conservancy District) we are working on developing new sources, recharge and conservation of this valuable commodity.

We need to focus on operation and maintenance elements of our city. That is why one of my goals was to see that those things built with RAP tax dollars are repaired or replaced using a portion of those same funds, this way they don't become a burden on the general fund. I am happy to report that as a council we changed our RAP tax ordinance to take care of this concern by setting aside 10% of RAP tax funds for repair and replacement. We also need to continue to focus on upgrading our basic water and sewer infrastructure.

We have limited ways to fund city government, two of the biggest are through property taxes and sales tax revenue. We need continue to foster economic development and encourage tourism and special events as a way to help local businesses generate tax dollars through sales tax revenue. This ensures that we have sufficient income to operate Cedar City.

Terri Hartley - 1. With the economic boon that is coming to Cedar, we need wise, strong, careful, successful builders. My career and experience proves I am one of those builders.
2. We need leaders who are approachable and listen to the concerns of the citizens and our city employees. I will provide an open line of communication, study the issues and help solve problems.
3. It's often said that unless we are vigilant to carefully and wisely protect our quality of life, Cedar City will change from a world -class destination and community into merely an I-15 gas stop. That is why I not only support wise growth, but also promote careful investment into our community, to protect the quality of life we all enjoy.

Kip Hansen - 1- having a safe reliable water supply because NOTHING is more critical than this. 2- Proper oversite & dispersal of Rap Tax funds becasue the public trusts us with their money. 3- Properly taking care of public safety professionals & volunteers beasue we all rely on them.

John Black - Water - becasue it will drive what we want, need and plan to do. Without water all things die. Economy - Continued well managed growth with clean, well paying jobs - diversity. Future - Infrastructure, landfill, resources to provide basic services, recycling, ect.

Craig Isom - 1) Readiness for comming economic growth through more complete strategic planning & asset management. 2) Empowering and compensating the cities most critical asset - The City Employees. 3) Expanding & further developing important public/private partnerships - with SUU, broadband providers & water resource options.

Enoch City Mayor

Worth Grimshaw - 1- Flood Control: The city has taken steps to alleviate flooding without taking into consideration the main source of the flooding. 2- Fiscal Responsibility: wise use of revenues so tax incrases are not required. 3 - Fault Line: Enoch needs to pursue steps to reduce future effects of possible expansion of the fault.

Enoch City Council

Debra Ley - Citzen Concerns - I thinik it neccessary that they are heard & addressed. Balanced Budget - To make sure that Enoch's city government is not grown disporportionately. Infrastructure - It is important to maintain safe & pleantiful water supply & protect the citizens from the disastrous flooding of past years

Wayne Grimshaw - The City seems to be trying to take too much control over the people. The city seems to be positioning itself to be the same as a much larger metropolis. The city provides very well for water, sewer, & garbage collection. Howerver I have not checked their efficiency.

Shawn Stoor - Drainage: Some steps have been take in this regard and feel we need to continue in this effort to solve drainage issues now & in the future. Infrastructure & Beautification: Some of our infrastructure improvement can be addressed with a drainage plan that is currently being worked on. This plan may also lend itself to beautification efforts by routing drainage underground and putting curb gutter & sidewalk where open ditches used to be. As we make efforts to beautify our city we will also see improved property values and a greater sense of pride in where we live. Emergency Response: Localizing our emergency response units by adding EMT and Fire response I feel would be a tremendous asset to our community. 

Brent Taylor - Drainage. Help those people who are burdened with this problem.

Healthy Growth and to decide how that development is planned.

Keep a Rural Atmosphere and keep Enoch a wonderful and attractive place to live.


Question - "Please state succinctly anything you want the populace to know about you"

Cedar City Council

Paul Cozzens - I have worked hard all of my life and will continue to work just as hard to be a good steward of your tax dollars. I love problem solving and this position on the council has given me a great opportunity to be involved in solving problems on a local level and making Cedar City a great place to live and raise my family. Cedar City has a "can do" attitude and spirit of volunteerism that is unmatched anywhere else in the country. I recognize and value our great city employees that work hard to make Cedar City a great place to live and do business. I would appreciate your support in this election allowing me to serve for another 4 years on the council, thank you!

Terri Hartley - I was born and raised in Cedar City and have a vested interest in preserving the quality of life we enjoy. I have been involved in the community for many years providing service through volunteer positions with organizations and serving on various boards and committees. I have extensive training and experience that will be valuable to the city and I am ready to serve. I invite you to check out my website at for more information about me, my community involvement and experience.

Kip Hansen - I carefully study all lissues , giving consideration to people before politics, before casting a vote. I'm proud to say that I have spent every campaign dollar with Cedar City businesses.

John Black - 

Craig Isom - I want my neightbors to know how commiteed I am to enhancing and preserving the great place we call home - Cedar City. As a CPA I am best qualified to help.

Enoch City Mayor

Worth Grimshaw - I have lived in Enoch my entire life. I am knowledgeable about the area. I have been involved in obtaining many of the facilities owned by our town, viz.: Water System, Cemetery, School, Roads, Parks ect. My roots are deep, My Family lives here, I care for our future.

Enoch City Council

Debra Ley - In the 13 years that I have been involved in friendly Enoch, I have been actively involved in municipal activities. I am a retired high school & colledge educator.

Wayne Grimshaw - I believe in total honesty in government. I will never deal in half truths or inuendos. I believe that the people have the right to know so that they can make informed decisions.

Shawn Stoor - I am proud of my heritage of growing up on a cattle ranch in southeast Idaho. I had good parents who taught me the value of hard work and "if you are going to do a job, do it right the first time" my Dad would always say. I have lived in Enoch for more than five years now with my wife Tonya and our 5 children. I work for Hilti, a manufacture of construction tools & consumeables. We are fortunate to raise our family in this community.

Brent Taylor - I have lived in Enoch for 42 years. I have had the opportunity to serve on Enoch City’s Tree Committee, Water Board and City Councilman. These opportunities have given me a chance to serve the people of Enoch.

2015 Organizing Convention election results

There were 157 delegates credentialed out of 210 county delegates. 

1st round balloting results

County Chair 156 votes cast in this race

Craig Isom - received 67 votes with 42% of the vote

Ryan Nelson - received 89 votes with 57% of the vote

County Vice-Chair 155 votes cast in this race, 1 ballot was spoiled

Suzette Bulloch received 67 votes with 43% of the vote

Brian Jones received 88 votes with 56% of the vote

County Secretary 156 votes cast in this race.

Annette Klassen received 58 votes with 37% of the vote

Beth Stephenson received 98 votes with 62% of the vote

County Treasurer 156 votes cast in this race

Spencer Grant received 91 votes with 58% of the vote

Gary Howe received 65 votes with 41% of the vote

State Central Committee (2 at large seats) 156 votes cast in this race

Blake Cozzens received 56 votes 

Donna Law received 64 votes

David Staheli received 71 votes

Jennie Hendricks received 68 votes

Katherine Ross received 47 votes

Katherine Ross was eliminated in the 1st round

State Central Committee 2nd round 142 votes were cast

Jennie Hendricks received 87 votes with 61.2% of the vote

Blake Cozzens received 50 votes with 35.2% of the vote

Donna Law received 57 votes with 40.1% of the vote

David Staheli received 78 votes with 54% of the vote


Congratulations to the following who were elected:

Ryan Nelson Chair

Brian Jones Vice-Chair

Beth Stephenson Secretary

Spencer Grant Treasruer

Jennie Hendricks and David Staheli State Central Committee

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Chair's Message

The coming year promises to be one of great interest, challenges, healthy debate, entertaining and informative conventions and real politics. Please let us, the Executive Committee, know of your interest in meeting our goal of advocating and protecting our Utah Caucus system and interest and participation in that process. We will have several events to put on and will need lots of help. Let us know if you want to volunteer. We look forward to the coming year.