Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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ICRP Luncheon questionnaire results!

The Iron County Republican Party began holding bi-monthly luncheons last year. Everyone is welcome to attend the luncheons, however we specifically invite all precinct leaders, county delegates and state delegates. Following the prayer/pledge we have a Utah Republican Party Platform discussion led by Telton Hall, and then follow with a guest public official. We give the county, state, and federal public official up to 10 minutes to speak, and then turn it over for Q&A on five specific topics. We feature one guest public official per bi-monthly meeting. On the off months, we ask precinct leadership to contact or schedule meetings with members of their precincts to ask them their opinions on the five topics and any questions/comments they have. The delegate or precinct leader is then asked to report the answers back to the neighbor/precinct member. In this way, we keep our leaders and delegates in touch with their neighbors, the neighbors stay up-to-date and informed on current issues they care about, and the public officials keep a direct link and accountability with the delegates and precinct leadership.


The Iron County Republican Party is working to hold a debate for the Cedar City municipal elections. Today we did something a little different.  A few weeks ago, we sent out a mass email to all Republicans in Cedar City who we have emails for, and asked them to provide questions/concerns they have regarding the upcoming elections. (While we received some great responses, we would have loved to receive more.) We conducted an unofficial, anonymous questionnaire for those in attendance at our June 27th luncheon. These meetings are for countywide delegates and leaders and therefore we attempted to generalize the questions more to apply to the whole county, while explaining specifics on the issue, in case they are unknown to the respondent or reader of the results. We received the following responses to the below questions. 


We'd love to host debates in other towns in Iron County in addition to Cedar City if the interest is there and volunteers are willing to help facilitate.


  • In the building industry, do you support raising impact fees, lowering them or keeping them at current levels?  (circle one of the answers below)
    • Raising
    • Lowering
    • Current levels
    • Other
    • No answer


  • Should the county and municipalities within it, incur additional debt, remain the same or reduce debt for Parks and Recreation? For example: the Cedar City municipality has approximately $9 million in debt, including principal and interest.  The loan matures until 2035, which is paid for through property taxes.   (circle one answer below)
    • Additional debt
    • Remain the same
    • Reduce debt
    • Other
    • No answer


  • What services currently being run by the city do you think could be privatized? (you may circle more than one)
    • Garbage
    • Roads
    • Other
    • No answer
  • Do you support the Republican Party spending funds to teach, inform and advocate with media and other means for the Utah Caucus System? (circle one)
    • Yes
    • No
    • Other
    • No answer 


Answers: Q1.

Out of 11 total respondents

A. Raising – 0 selected this choice

B. Lowering – 6 selected this choice

C. Current levels – 4 selected this choice

D. Other – 0 selected this choice

E. No answer provided – 1 selected this choice


Answers Q2.

Out of 11 total respondents

A. Additional debt – 0 selected this choice

B. Remain the same – 2 selected this choice

C. Reduce debt –  8 selected this choice

D. Other – 1 selected this choice

E. No answer provided – 0 selected this choice

Answers Q3. ( a few answers added by respondent and some chose more than 1 answer)

Out of 11 total respondents

  • Garbage: 4
  • Roads: 3
  • Other: 2 (all in favor of one or more options not listed)
  • Not sure : 1
  • None: 1
  • No answer provided: 2

Answers Q4. (a few answers added by respondent)

Out of 11 total respondents

  • Yes – 6
  • Yes, within the county – 1
  • No – 2
  • Other – 2
  • No answer - 0