Monday, October 23, 2017
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Meet John (Johnny) Black for Cedar City Council 2011

Would you support an ordinance to protect individuals from being discriminated against by property owners?

All such requests need to be reviewed on an individual basis.  I feel we have more than enough restrictions and protections in place and would be hard pressed to generate and implement more.

Would you support an ordinance to protect private property owners from discriminatory measures pushed by special interest groups or Federal mandate?

I respect and appreciate the rights of private property owners.  For the most  part I feel our Federal partner and special interest groups have not had the best interests of "all" in pushing their agendas.

How do you feel about impact fees?

They serve a purpose (especially in times of plenty), in having those that benefit most from the construction / development, pay for the initial service impact and not pass those costs along to the tax payer.  In tough economic times I feel most, if not all of the components of the impact fee, could be greatly reduced - if not eliminated - for construction / development that would be conducted in the already infra-structure developed areas of the city.  If development was outside of these areas and required the city to take new infra-structure and services to the area then the full existing impact fee should be paid. 

How do planning and zoning affect the property rights of property owners?

Zoning is suppose to logically and most effectively divide our community between public, business and private pursuits and within each further divide and delineate what types of activity can be conducted.  Planning is suppose to be the mechanism used to design and implement the zoning.  If not done  fairly and consistently it makes it impossible for private property owners to exercise the full rights of their property.

Why are you running for City Council?

I was raised and educated in Cedar City and chose to "retire home".  Cedar is truly a great place; I have been blessed with a good education and work experience that I feel would be very beneficial in making our city an even better place to live, work and retire.  I'm retired, have the time and energy to serve and most of all "want to serve", to help pay forward all the service that has been paid for us in the past. I had the opportunity to spend a year in a supervisory position in Cedar City employment and feel that has given me an added insight into how we can make additional improvements in our city operations.

Have you read the Ordinances of your City?


Are there any concerns with the ordinances?

Those that overly restrict economic development, local business operation and growth, and the rights of property owners need to be modified or eliminated.

How do you feel about the Lake Powell Pipeline?

No support here.  Far to expensive and far too many unknowns that could, and most probably would, negatively impact the opportunity for us to get a fair share.Have we really explored the avenues of conservation and new water sources closer to home?

How do you feel about the Cedar City Aquatic Center?

I felt we should have developed a state of the art swimming facility with venues for high school competition and incorporated an indoor recreation facility, designed to be expanded in the future.But, we have a very nice Aquatic Center and we must maximize its' programming and use so as to minimize the deficit between operation revenue and overhead / maintenance costs; so that monies earmarked for other much needed city projects and development do not have to be re-directed to the Aquatic Center.

What is the best way you feel we can attract businesses to the city?

Increase, even further, our economic development efforts.  Emphasize our educated, available work force and our many and varied local and geographic resources that provide exceptional quality of life opportunities and experiences.  Incentives should be conservatively offered and we should develop incentives for those existing local businesses that have stayed and "walked the walk".

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I'm John "Johnny" Black; son of Milt & Vie Jolley, married to Sonja Miller; father of 3 children and grandpa to 8 grand children who live in Cedar City.I would hope that everyone would exercise their right to vote.  Your vote does count and can make a difference.If the voting public is ready for a change in our city government, I hope they will review my qualifications and my conservative approach to government and if acceptable, I would love to represent them on the Cedar City Council. Thank you.

What is the best way to contact you for more information?

Email address:
Home phone: 435-586-7202