Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Midterm Vacancy of County Commissioner

Commissioner David Miller resigned Friday, March 25, 2016. Therefore an interim commissioner will be selected by the Iron County Republican Party Central Committee.  This committee is comprised of the Iron County Executive Committee, the 2 At-Large State Central Committee Delegates, the newly elected Precinct Chairs and Vice Chairs as well as elected Iron County officials who are registered Republicans.

According to state law referenced below we have 30 days from the official notice to submit the name of an interim commissioner who will serve until January 2017. I received official notice of the vacancy on Friday March 25, 2016. The interim appointment deadline therefore is Sunday April 24,  2016.

Given the expected attendance of central committee members at the Utah State Republican Party Convention on April 23, 2016 we cannot meet effectively that day and since notice of an Iron County  Central Committee meeting must be given 2 weeks before the meeting date it seems that the only viable date to meet and select an interim replacement is our Iron County Convention date of April 16, 2016.

Therefore, we will have an Iron County Central Committee meeting at 10:00 am on Saturday April 16, 2016 to select an interim Commissioner (seat A) to serve through the end of the year. We will also have our previously scheduled Iron County Convention where we will select ballot candidates for both commissioner seats.

Candidates for the interim position need to submit a letter of intent to the Iron County Republican Party Executive Committee by April 8, 2016.

Candidates for the remaining 2 years of Iron County Commissioner Seat A need to file with the Iron County Clerk no later than close of business on April 1, 2016.


So that everyone understands the process and the dictated deadlines, listed below are the applicable sections from Utah State law and the Iron County Republican Party Constitution and Bylaws.

Applicable selections of section 20A-1-508 of Utah Law.


                (a) Until a replacement is selected as provided in this section and has qualified, the county legislative body shall appoint an interim replacement to fill the vacant office by following the procedures and requirements of this Subsection (2).


     (i) To appoint an interim replacement, the county legislative body shall give notice of the vacancy to the party liaison (County Chair) of the same political party of the prior office holder and invite that party liaison to submit the name of a person to fill the vacancy.

     (ii) That party liaison (County Chair) shall, within 30 days, submit the name of the person selected in accordance with the party constitution or bylaws as described in Section 20A-8-401 for the interim replacement to the county legislative body.

     (iii) The county legislative body shall no later than five days after the day on which a party liaison submits the name of the person for the interim replacement appoint the person to serve out the unexpired term.





(a) The requirements of this Subsection (3) apply to all county offices that become vacant if:

     (i) the vacant office has an unexpired term of two years or more; and

     (ii) the vacancy occurs after the election at which the person was elected but before April 10 of the next even-numbered year.


     (i) When the conditions established in Subsection (3)(a) are met, the county clerk shall notify the public and each registered political party that the vacancy exists.

     (ii) All persons intending to become candidates for the vacant office shall:

         (A) file a declaration of candidacy according to the procedures and requirements of Chapter 9, Part 2, Candidate Qualifications and Declarations of Candidacy; and Utah Code Page 2

         (B) if nominated as a party candidate or qualified as an independent or write-in candidate under Chapter 8, Political Party Formation and Procedures, run in the regular general election.



Quoting from our Bylaws as adopted March 21 2013



To ratify the appointments of qualified members to complete the unexpired terms of County Party officers when vacancies occur.


To certify to the County Clerk, the names of qualified replacement candidates when any candidacy or elected public office becomes vacant prior to elections under conditions as specified by law.

2.D         A Central Committee meeting can be called, with at least two weeks notice, by the County Chair, a majority of the Executive Committee, or at the request of 25% of the Central Committee members.  Voting by proxy in a Central Committee meeting is expressly prohibited.

8.A         Nominations. Delegates to the Iron County Nominating Convention held on even-numbered years shall ratify all candidates for county or legislative office who are unopposed and send them directly to the general election representing the Republican Party. They shall also elect Republican candidates for county and legislative office. The convention shall place in nomination all declared and qualified candidates for county and legislative office. Balloting shall be on secret ballots.