Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Secretary position

Attention all Iron County Republicans:

Paige Christensen has resigned as secretary for the Iron County GOP Executive committee. The executive committee will meet to appoint a replacement during the last week of November 2017 pursuant to our bylaws.

Bylaw 7(B)(3)

Officer replacement:

"When the county chairmanship becomes vacant, the Vice-Chair will succeed to the chairmanship without further approval. If the Vice-Chair declines, or in the case of other Executive Committee vacancies, the remainder of the Executive Committee will nominate a qualified party member to serve in an acting capacity. Those filling the vacancies on an acting basis shall be ratified by majority vote of the Central Committee, within 30 days of their nomination. Should two or more vacancies occur at the same time precluding a quorum of the Executive Committee, the Central Committee shall appoint qualified party members to act in those positions within 30 days of knowledge of the vacancy. Ratified acting officers will retain all the authority and responsibilities of an elected officer but will serve only the unexpired term of their predecessors"

Anyone who is interested in the Iron County GOP Secretary position please contact Chairman Andrew Young by email or phone. 

In the email please submit your letter of intent for the position as well as a little bit about yourself.

The executive committee would like to thank Paige Christensen for her service. She served with great honesty, integrity and focus. Her influence, thoughts, ideas, abilities and courage will be missed by the Executive committee.

Best regards,
The Iron County GOP Executive committee.

Andrew Young 
Iron County GOP Chair

Blaine Nay 
Iron County GOP Vice chair

Blake Cozzens 
Iron County GOP treasurer