Resignation of County Party Treasurer1 min read

In the media this week you will find an article concerning an officer of the Iron County GOP. The individual has tendered his resignation and no longer serves as an officer of the party.

As the Iron County GOP Chair I express my love, respect and support for this individual and his family, as this is a trial for them. On that note I encourage everyone, everywhere to respect this individual and his family at this time, and leave your disparaging comments and remarks to yourselves.

While the Iron County GOP party leadership does not condone the immoral behavior this individual is being accused of, and while as a party we condemn such actions, we know that a man is not defined by the sins and mistakes he makes alone. We recognize that people are more than the bad in their lives, and we thank this individual for the good he has done in the past and will also undoubtedly do in the future.

Making this a political issue or using this issue to slander this individual, his family or the Iron County GOP he once represented is not acceptable behavior, and should be strictly shunned. Not only in the UTGOP, but across the political party spectrum as well. Recognize the actions he is accused of as bad, but now that he is no longer associated with the party leadership, let him work out this private matter privately.

In short, everyone makes mistakes at one point or another in their lives, for most of us those mistakes are not made public for the world to see. I strongly recommend we allow this individual his day in court, and let him work out his personal issues without public humiliation and animosity.


Andrew S Young
Iron County GOP Chair.

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