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The following questions were asked by the Advocates for a Prosperous Community, in conjunction with the Iron County Republican Party.

1. What will be your highest priority if elected to County Office?

Addressing water issues 

2. Recently, Cedar Highlands voted to incorporate as the newest Town of Iron County. Will you protect the natural right of self-determination for citizens of Iron County?


3. Conflicts of Interest

I will commit to divest from any business interest, opportunity, partnership, etc in order to remove any potential Conflict Of Interest

4. Generally speaking, County employees should:

It depends on the specifics of the individual and/or department.

5. Previous County Commissioners voted to increase their base pay under the premise of being full time. Will you commit to be a full time Commissioner?

From day 1

6. Describe the road funding allocation formula.

B & C Road funds are allocated to counties and communities by the state legislature and are calculated on a combination of population and miles of road in the boundaries of the entity. 

7. How would you describe your ability to use technology?


8. What is PILT?

Payment in lieu of taxes–a partial payment by the Federal Government for tax revenues lost because the land isn’t in private hands. 

9. How many County Commission meetings have you attended in the last 5 years?

Less than 5

10. Should the County Commission be a 3 or 5 member body and why?

With the right people, a three member body is better because less time is spent arguing each person’s opinion and things can get done more efficiently. The other elected officials in the county offer somewhat of a checks and balances to the system. With the wrong three people, there are not enough checks and balances to keep things from going off the deep end. While I’m comfortable with a three-member commission, I’m certainly not averse to exploring the possibilities of moving to five. 

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