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The following questions were asked by the Advocates for a Prosperous Community, in conjunction with the Iron County Republican Party.

Do you support informing the jury of the potential sentence for each alleged offence?


That said, in Utah sentencing is the sole province of the Judge and jury members are specifically instructed that they are not to consider the potential sentence. Other states, as many may know, allow a jury to determine guilt or innocence and if guilty, to determine the sentence. 

Do you support informing jurors of their power to nullify an unjust verdict? Do jurors have a right to know about this option in every case?

Yes, strongly support informing jurors in all cases.

If elected, what are three changes you wish to enact?
  1. Utilize every skill i have, from 16 years as Iron County Attorney, 8 years serving President Bush in the White House, 5 years as the Director of the National District Attorneys Association (the spokesperson and key training program for America’s 2,500 elected County Attorneys and DA’s and their 40,000+ deputies) to heal wounds within the County Attorney’s Office, unite all elected and appointed officials in Iron County and make the Office respected once again.
  2. Totally assess the manner in which criminal cases are screened and prosecuted to ensure equal justice. I am alarmed by the rate of plea bargains in our County and I don’t think that is healthy. When I was County Attorney I tried over 150 felony jury trials, including 2 Death Penalty Cases, I tried 23 jury trials in one year alone — and I’m not necessarily saying that the only performance measure for “justice” is the number of jury trials in any given year, but I’m told the current office (where Mr. Garrett and Mr. Dodson work) averages 2 or 3 jury trials a year? If elected that will change.
  3. I will not delegate, as is the current practice, attending Iron County Commission meetings and being personally available to listen to and provide legal counsel to Commissioners and, just as important, all Constitutionally elected officials. I did that for 16 years when I was Iron County Attorney and I found that establishing that close working relationship was invaluable in preventing lawsuits, dealing with citizens in a fair manner and ensuring “good government”.
What is your position regarding “civil asset forfeiture”

Civil asset forfeiture can be abused, and should be limited to only extreme cases.

How do you propose to reduce the harm done to our community resulting from drug abuse? Do you think there are better ways to combat this problem?

Attorney General Sean Reyes asked me to run for Iron County Attorney, and he endorses my candidacy, and one of the main things we discussed was drug abuse — currently an opiate epidemic that is killing too many young people in our county — and all of the harms that come with this insidious problem. Are there better ways to combat this problem? — yes, we’ve done so very little. 

As the Deputy Drug Czar of the United States for 8 years under President Bush, we employed strong Prevention, Education and Law Enforcement … we must have all three. Unfortunately, much of our work (drug abuse decreased dramatically under President Bush) was destroyed by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder and we are seeing the results in Iron County and across the country. 

I have established relationships with the foremost experts in America in the fields of Prevention, Education and Law Enforcement, and I will bring them here to assist me and our citizens to deal with this terrible problem we face … and i will seek grants and funding (I know how to do that as I oversaw a $12 billion dollar budget under President Bush) so that taxpayers aren’t burdened by my planned aggressive attack upon drug abuse. While humility is, I believe, one of the best character traits anyone can possess, I have to say that nobody is better prepared than I am to confront and combat drug abuse in Iron County ~ and i expect to be held accountable after 4 years as to whether or not we have reduced drug abuse dramatically in Iron County.

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