2-2-2022 Executive Meeting1 min read

  • Discussed chairs to be replaced
  • Update website officers list
  • Fix checkout page coloring
  • Discussed dual party enrollment
  • Discussed role of Caucus Host
  • Discussed Lincoln Day plans

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SCC Report. Future meetings will be 4 hours. Decided to have State Delegate training before State Conventions. This is to help remove confusion for delegates.

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4-19-2022 Executive Meeting

Determined to send out notice of multi-county breakouts to State Delegates Ironed out delegate appointment concerns from convention Standardized delegate change to 2 days before

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Nominating Convention Results

Over 270 of the 306 Iron County Delegates for the GOP (90+ percent) attended the nominating convention held at Canyon View High School Auditorium Friday evening April 8th to

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