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CCC Meeting – Dec 2022 – Elect New County Auditor2 min read

County Central Committee

Dear County Central Committee Member,

The Iron County Republican Party County Central Committee meeting will begin at 6:00 pm on Thursday December 15th, 2022 at Canyon View Middle School in the auditorium, 1865 N Main Street, Cedar City, UT 84721.

You will need a valid photo ID to be credentialed for the meeting. Please be on time; credentialing and candidate meet and greet will begin at 5:00 pm and will close at 5:45 pm.

If you have any questions please contact any of the Executive Officers. The contact information for the Executive Officers can be found online at

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Executive Officers of

The Iron County Republican Party



❖ Call to Order and Welcome

Mari Eddy – County Party Chair

❖ Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance

By Invitation

❖ Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes (as found on the Party Website)

Richard Genck – County Party Secretary

❖ Financial Report

Casey Anderson – County Party Treasurer

❖ Credentials Report

Hillary Carter- County Party Vice-Chair

❖ Ratification of Agenda

Mari Eddy – County Party Chair

❖ Announcements

Mari Eddy – County Party Chair

❖ Special Election for Iron County Auditor

❖ Discuss and Vote on proposed resolution calling for the State of Utah to change mail-in voting requirement. “Assured election proposal” Sponsor Richard Genck

❖ Adjournment

Proposed Resolution

Assured Election Proposal

“Whereas, in the year 2020, The Utah State Legislature passed HB 36 titled “Election Amendments,” which eliminated an election officer’s discretion to administer an election in any manner other than primarily by mail; and

“Whereas, in the years 2021 and 2022, general elections in Iron County experienced ballot mailing delays due to our reliance on third party vendors, which potentially disenfranchised voters; therefore

“Be it Resolved, that in the interest of maintaining local control of the election process, protecting the rights of the voter, and providing for complete transparency, the Iron County Republican Party supports a change to Utah Code section 20A-3a-202(1)(a) restoring the discretion of election officers to administer elections primarily by mail or in-person as local needs demand.”

Sponsored by Richard Genck

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