Caucus Rules and Locations

2018 caucus nights will be on Tuesday, March 20th at 7 PM with 1 hour meet and greet and check-in from 6-7 PM depending on if your precinct plans to hold this. Find where your precinct will be meeting below.

Caucus Rules 2018: Click Here

Precinct Host Guide: Click Here

State Delegate Duties: Click Here

Please note: Caucus locations are subject to change. We will do our best to keep them up to date, but you may want to confirm the location with your precinct chair. You can find their information here (you must be logged in to see their information).

BerylCommunity Bldg 291 N Beryl Hwy
Brian HeadBrian Head Town Hall
Cedar 01Fiddlers Elementary School Gymnasium
Cedar 02East Elementary School Gymnasium
Cedar 03Cedar High School Lecture Room
Cedar 04Kimber Academy 150 E Altamira Dr
Cedar 05SUU Centrum Room 239
Cedar 06Canyon View Middle School Auditorium
Cedar 07Canyon View Middle School Band Room
Cedar 08North Elementary Library
Cedar 09North Elementary Cafeteria
Cedar 10South Elementary Music Room
Cedar 11South Elementary Lunch Room
Cedar 12South Elementary
Cedar 13South Elementary School Library
Cedar 14CHS Band Room
Cedar 15Cedar High School Faculty Room
Cedar 16Three Peaks Elementary 1685 W. Midvalley Rd
Cedar 17Cedar Middle School Orchestra Room
Cedar 18North Elementary south half of gym
Cedar 19Cedar Middle School Library
Cedar 20Old Coleman Bldg 497 N 1500 W
Cedar 21Canyon View Middle School Drama room
Cedar 22Fiddlers Elementary Library
Cedar 23Iron Springs Elementary Library
Cedar 24Cedar Middle School
Cedar 25Iron Springs Elementary Lunchroom
Enoch 01Enoch City Council Chambers
Enoch 02Enoch Elementary School Lunch Room ?
Enoch 03Coal Creek School House 1190 W. Midvalley Road
Enoch 04Enoch Elementary
KanarravilleKanarraville Town Hall
MidvalleyThree Peaks Elementary Library ?
New CastleNewcastle Firehouse
ParagonahParagonah Town Hall
Parowan NParowan High School Auditorium
Parowan SParowan High School Room A5
Parowan ValleyParowan High School East Main Entrance Hallway.
SummitSummit LDS Chapel
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