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With revisions approved by the Iron County Central Committee 18 January 2020 and Ratified 18 April 2020 by Delegates to the County Convention


We, as members of the Iron County Utah Republican Party, grateful to Almighty God for life and liberty, desiring to perpetuate principles of free government and the blessings of liberty to our posterity, do establish and adopt this constitution. This constitution and the party bylaws are the governing rules of the Iron County Utah Republican Party.



A. Name. The name of this organization shall be the Iron County Utah Republican Party, also referred to as the County Party.
B. General Purposes. The County Party shall nominate and support the election of Republican candidates in partisan races for public office, promote the principles set forth in the State Party Platform, and perform party functions set forth in Utah State Election Laws and State and County constitution and bylaws.
C. Membership. County Party membership is open to any resident of Iron County who registers to vote as a Republican.



A. Scope. County Party Bylaws may be adopted to provide more specific or detailed application of principles contained in this constitution or to govern subjects not addressed by but not inconsistent with this constitution.
B. Submission. Only a county delegate or current member of the Central Committee may submit proposed new bylaws or modifications to existing bylaws. They shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee which shall review them, process them according to current bylaws and add them to the agenda of the next Central Committee meeting or county convention with recommendations for approval, modification, or rejection.
C. Adoption. New bylaws or modifications to existing bylaws shall be binding and in full force when adopted by a 2/3 vote of the Central Committee members present at any properly called meeting, or by a 2/3 vote of delegates present at any properly called county convention. Every printing or reproduction of the bylaws shall disclose the most recent adoption or modification date on the first page under the title.



A. Officers of the County Party shall consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
B. Election of Officers. County Party officers shall be elected by delegates to the County Party organizing convention held in odd-numbered years.
C. Removal and Replacement of Officers. An officer may be removed for cause by a 2/3 vote of members attending a properly called Central Committee meeting. Officer vacancies shall be filled in the manner prescribed by current bylaws (7.0.B.3).


A. Powers. The County Central Committee shall be the governing and rule-making body of the party.
B. Membership. The voting members of the County Central Committee shall consist of the County Party Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer; the At-large State Central Committee members, the Chair and Vice-Chair of each voting precinct elected at the most recent precinct caucuses, elected State legislators living in Iron County who are registered Republicans,  and elected Iron County officials who are registered Republicans.
C. Meetings. The County Central Committee shall meet at least annually.
D. Quorum. A quorum shall consist of at least 33% of the members of the County Central Committee. A quorum must be in attendance to conduct any binding business.
E. Notice. County Central Committee members shall be notified by an agenda (and required materials) postmarked at least two weeks prior to the date of the intended meeting.



A. The County Executive Committee shall be a standing committee of the County Central Committee and shall have authority to manage the day-to-day operations of the County Party.
B. Membership shall consist of the County Party Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer elected
at the last organizing convention.
C. Three of the four members must be in attendance to form a quorum and conduct binding business.



A. An interim Constitution and Bylaws Committee may be appointed by the Executive Committee as needed.
B. Other interim committees may also be appointed by the Executive Committee as needed.


(Ref. State constitution, Article X)

  1. Amendments. This constitution may be amended by a 2/3 vote of those present at a County Central Committee meeting if subsequently ratified by a majority of delegates attending a county convention. It may also be amended by a 2/3 vote of delegates attending a County convention if first approved by a majority of those present at a County Central Committee meeting.

B. Submission. Only a county delegate or current member of the Central Committee may submit proposed amendments. They shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee which shall review them, process them according to current bylaws and add them to the agenda of the next Central Committee Meeting with recommendations for approval, modification, or rejection.
C. Severability/Dating. If any portion of this constitution is ever declared void, all other portions shall remain binding and effective. Every printing or reproduction of this constitution shall disclose the most recent ratification or amendment date on the first page immediately under the title.

(Ref. State constitution, Article XII)


A. Precinct Caucuses (S.C. section 1)
1. Precinct caucuses shall be held in each even-numbered year on the date and at the time designated by the State Party. Precinct Chairs will arrange appropriate locations for the caucuses and post three notices in each precinct. The County Party will notify the public through local news media.
2. Each precinct caucus shall elect voting precinct officers and delegates to the state and county conventions. Electing alternate delegates is not authorized; vacancies will be filled in accordance with Article VIII. A. 7 & 8 of this constitution and sections 9. F. 2 & 4 of the county bylaws. Each precinct shall be allowed at least one state and one county delegate. State delegate lists shall be submitted to the State Party no later than two weeks before the state nominating convention.
3. County Party officers, precinct officers and delegates will not publicly certify, assist or support candidates for elected public office who are members of a rival political party.
4. Each nominee for precinct officer or state or county delegate should be asked to publicly
1) affirm that they meet the qualifications listed in bylaw 9.0.B 2) declare their support of, or objections to the state platform and 3) agree to the policy in VIII.A.3 above before ballots are cast.
5. The Iron County Republican Party reserves the right to determine the method(s) by which authorized state and county delegates are allocated within the county.
6. Allocation of State and County Delegates. State and county delegates shall be allocated to voting precincts based on the relative Republican strength in each precinct as determined by voting data provided by the State Party or County Clerk, after reducing the total number available by members of the Executive Committee and At-large State Central Committee members. In the subsequent allocation calculation, precinct(s) which would not be allocated a delegate shall be allocated one delegate, to be taken from the precinct(s) with the lowest remaining fraction previously used for delegate allocation.
7. If an elected or appointed delegate dies, resigns, or is otherwise disqualified prior to the convention, the Precinct Chair shall appoint a replacement from within the same precinct in accordance with bylaws 9.0.C and 9.0.F.2-4.
8. Should any precinct caucus fail to elect the allowed number of county or state delegates, the precinct Chair shall appoint delegate(s) (with the consent of the County Executive Committee and ratification by a majority vote of the County Central Committee or county convention respectively) from within that precinct who are qualified and willing to serve.
B. County Nominating Conventions (S.C. section 2)
1. The County Party shall nominate candidates for partisan offices by a nominating convention.
2. The County Party shall arrange time and facilities to allow delegates to vote at county conventions.
3. When the number of declared candidates is equal to the number of nominees needed for the next general election, those candidates shall be declared the party’s nominees without the necessity of running in either a convention or a primary election. A candidate who receives 60% or more of the votes cast at any point in the balloting process shall also be
declared the party’s candidate in the general election.
4. Should three or more candidates be nominated for the same office, the convention may use either multiple ballots or preference voting to choose party nominees. The County Central Committee shall certify the method to be used at least 30 days before the county convention. Rules governing any form of balloting shall be as specified in the state and
county Constitution and Bylaws.
5. The Secretary of each nominating convention shall certify to the County Clerk the names of the party’s nominees by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday following the convention.
6. Nomination of Legislative Candidates. (S.C. section 4) If a state house or senate legislative district encompasses more than one county, candidates for that district shall not be chosen at county nominating conventions but at the state nominating convention by the state delegates from within that legislative district.
7. Candidate Vacancies (S.C. section 8).
a. In the event a party candidate in a contested primary resigns, dies, is incapacitated or is otherwise disqualified before the primary election, the remaining candidate shall be designated as the party nominee.
b. In the event that a sole, remaining party candidate resigns, dies, is incapacitated or is otherwise disqualified before the general election, the candidate will be replaced by vote of the County Central Committee except in cases of legislative districts that
encompass more than one county. In these cases, replacement candidates shall be chosen by state delegates from within the legislative district at a special legislative caucus.
C. County Organizing Conventions (S.C. section 6).
1. A county organizing convention shall be held on or before August 15th in each odd-numbered year for the purpose of electing County Party officers and county representatives to (at-large members of) the State Central Committee.
2. The County Executive Committee shall designate the date, time and place for the
organizing convention and shall notify each qualified county delegate.
3. County members of the State Central Committee.
a. The State Central Committee allocates a number of member positions to Iron County (in addition to the County Chair and Vice-Chair) to be elected to represent Iron County on this State Party committee.
b. Elected members are chosen at large (from the entire county) at the county organizing convention held in odd-numbered years and are seated as members of that committee immediately after that convention.
c. Term of office. The term of office is approximately two years starting at the date of seating and ending, if unseated and replaced, at the next county organizing convention.
D. In accordance with state election law, the following lists shall be made available to the public by the County Party with the information and within the time period specified: (a) officers, those appointed to positions in, and members of governing bodies of the County Party, (b) all persons who have filed for or been nominated for elective public office and (c) all delegates to state and county conventions (Ref. S.C. Article XII.1.E)
E. In case of ambiguity, Article VIII shall be interpreted to be consistent with current Utah Election
Law. (S.C. section 9)


(Ref. State constitution, Article XIII)

The current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all meetings of the County Party unless
contrary to the Party Constitution, Bylaws or any other rules of order adopted by the County Party.


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