2021 Organizing Convention

110 credentialed out of 215.

Vice-chair Mary Eddy and Treasurer Casey Anderson elected by acclimation, as they were unopposed.

Treasurer report and meeting minutes accepted.

Preferential voting used as voting method.

Credential updated to 112 after speeches. Majority vote is 57.


Chair – First Round
Volney Morin: 50 votes
Bracken Longhurst: 49 votes
Steven Fales: 13

Chair – Final Round: 
Volney Morin: 58 votes
Bracken Longhurst: 54 votes

Richard Genck: 65
Carter Wilkey: 47

State Central Committee – First Round: 
Blaine Nay: 49
Brad Green: 39
Katherine Ross: 24

State Central Committee – Final
Brad Green: 69
Blaine Nay: 43

Election winners: 

Chair: Volney Morin
Vice-chair: Mari Eddy
Secretary: Richard Genck
Treasurer: Casey Anderson
State Central Committee: Brad Green
State Central Committee: Blaine Nay