CCC Meeting 1-18-2020

General Business

Previous meeting minutes and agenda accepted, treasurer gave his report finding the budget to be in order.

46 credentialed

Credential report amended to 48

Preferential balloting accepted for upcoming convention

Bylaw changes require 33 (2/3)

Amendment Proposals

  • Amendment 1 to allow endorsements by executive officers approved 39 to 4
  • Motion for Casey to amend his original amendment passed 40 to 4
  • Casey Anderson’s motion to lower the county delegate representation (from 60 to 45) failed 23 to 21
  • The motion to amend Richard’s amendment passed unopposed
  • Richard Genck’s amendment to update the duties of the secretary to submit the minutes of public meetings to the website passed unopposed 45; it was updated to say, “within 21 days” and only includes public meetings, which were determined to be CCC meetings and conventions.
  • Casey Anderson’s amendment to add state legislators living in Iron County to the CCC passed 44 unopposed, now requiring to be passed at the convention by 50%

Completed caucus training

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