County GOP Leadership Candidates1 min read

Fellow Republicans:

The following individuals are candidates for the indicated offices in the Iron County Utah Republican Party (sorted alphabetically within each office):

County Chair

Blaine Nay (Incumbent) 

Carter Wilkey

County Vice Chair

Bracken Longhurst

Milton McLelland (Incumbent)


Casey Anderson, (Incumbent, unopposed)


Richard Genck, (Incumbent, unopposed)

Two at-large delegates to the State Central Committee

Brad Green (Incumbent)

Debra Ley

Katherine Ross

Carter Wilkey

We will vote on these offices at the upcoming Organizing Convention of the Iron County Utah Republican Party on April 27 at 2 PM. The Location will be the auditorium of Canyon View High School.

Only county delegates will vote in this convention. The public is invited.

We recommend that county delegates show up early to avoid long credentialing lines.

Those who are not county-delegates should skip the credentialing line to avoid congestion.

Blaine Nay
Chairman, Iron County Utah Republican Party

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