Building a Stronger Precinct

How to involve those who live in the boundaries of your precinct

Hold Periodic Precinct Meetings and:
  • Develop a plan to increase Caucus attendance
    • Set a goal to meet the attendance increase set by the 29 County Plan
    • Identify move-ins to your Precinct and contact them
    • Call the Registered Republicans in your precinct
  • Train your neighborhood by hosting a “Caucus Awareness Presentation”
  • Identify how you can best communicate with residents of your Precinct
    • Flyers, Social Media, Surveys, Newsletters, Door-to-Door, Calls, etc.
    • Talk to your county party about using the materials provided by the State Party (door hangers, yard signs).Organize neighborhood walks
  • Discuss current issues
    • What do Republicans in your precinct support and/or oppose
    • What legislation would they like to see submitted
    • Identify potential future candidates

Get more involvement by:

  • Recruiting support and/or volunteers
  • Register Voters
  • Distribute material
  • Walk for a candidate
  • Organize a community service/involvement project
    • Bring attention to Republicans working together to improve and support Community projects, schools, businesses, activities, etc.

Show the effectiveness of the neighborhood caucus system by:

  • Invite your State Senator or Representative for a Q&A session
  • Invite a member of the Federal Delegation or their Staff to give a Report and/or a Q&A Session
  • Organize to help a GOP Candidate
  • Organize a Meet-the-Candidate event


Ideas for Involvement in the Political Arena

Talk About It
  • Tell your neighbors
  • Talk to the newspaper if coverage is unbalanced
  • Express appreciation when the coverage is fair
  • Call into local and national talk radio shows
  • Use social networking sites like Facebook to share links and commentary with your friends
  • Ask questions of elected officials at town hall meetings
Write About It
  • Write to your Republican and/or Democrat elected officials to express your views
  • Write letters to the editor – keep it respectful, intelligent and to the point
  • Create a powerful viral e-mail or video that people can forward to their friends
  • Comment on blogs and online news stories
  • Start your own blog
  • Submit an op-ed piece to the local news paper
  • Participate in an online discussion group
Join Forces With Others
  • Join a conservative group that is organizing to protest bad policies
  • Start a caucus group if one does not exist
  • Attend a rally
  • Work on a campaign for a candidate, party or issue you support
  • Participate in existing political action groups
  • Be the Change
  • Attend your precinct caucus and recruit others to join you
  • Serve as a State Delegate
  • Donate money to a candidate, cause or party
  • Organize an event to draw attention to a specific issue
  • Run for office