Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my political party affiliation?

To change your political party affiliation you are required to submit a new voter registration application.  Please include your previous voter information and indicate that you are changing your party  affiliation to assist the county’s effort to maintain a current voter database.

What is a precinct caucus meeting?

Utah’s caucus system encourages citizens to get involved in the candidate selection process at the neighborhood level. Neighbors come together at a precinct caucus meeting to select representatives (called delegates) from their own neighborhood who will represent them at their respective party’s yearly convention and decide which candidates will appear on the ballot. For more information see

What is a“delegate”?

A precinct delegate is someone who acts as a representative for their precinct or neighborhood. Delegates’ main responsibility is to attend their party convention once a year and vote on party platforms, officers and candidates on behalf of their precinct. Statewide, the Republican Party elects approximately 4000 delegates.

Who is eligible to become a delegate?

To be eligible, you must live within the precinct and be 18 years old by the November election. Also, at Republican precinct caucus meetings, you must be a registered Republican to be elected.

How do you become a delegate?

Simply put, delegates are elected by theirneighbors at the > precinct caucus meeting. The number of available delegate slots per precinct varies but if more people are nominated than slots are available,then you will have competition and some nominees will have to be eliminated.  Often times in these situations, the nominees will be asked to explain why they want to be elected.

When is this year’s precinct caucus meeting?

Not happening again until 2014. Time and date to be announced. Normally takes place in the middle of March.

Who can attend a precinct caucus meeting?

Anyone living in a particular precinct can attend.

How do I get involved?

There are three steps to get involved.  First – Determine your voting precinctby checking your voter registration card or by contacting your county clerk.  Second – Check with the State Republican Party to find the location of your precinct’s caucus meeting and the name of your precinct chair and vice chair, whom can help you with any questions.  Third – Attend your caucus meeting on Tuesday, March 23 and consider running as a delegate to the county or state convention.

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