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Iron County 2020 Online Convention3 min read

Our Party Constitution and Bylaws require a caucus be held in even-numbered years on a date set
by the State Party. As you know, the Utah Republican Party has postponed our biennial Caucus
Night due to COVID-19 concerns. It is not required to be held before any particular election. So, we
have plenty of time to get it done when it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, all county delegates, state delegates, and precinct party officers who were elected
in 2018 continue in their positions until the conclusion of their respective precinct 2020 caucus
meetings unless replaced in accordance with the Iron County Utah Republican Party Bylaws. In
order to meet deadlines set by the Utah State Legislature, our biennial Iron County Utah Republican
Party Nominating Convention will be held online at 10 AM on Saturday, April 18. The agenda is

The purpose of this event is to nominate Republican candidates for partisan political offices in Iron
County. Races to be considered in this online convention are for County Commissioner and County
Assessor. Candidates in the other 2020 partisan races have no Republican opponents and will be
nominated by acclamation. Utah Senate District 28, Utah House District 71, and State School Board
District 15 serve portions or all of one or more other counties in addition to Iron County. These
nominations will be considered by state delegates at the Utah Republican state convention on April

We will also consider an amendment to the Iron County Utah Republican Party Constitution (see
Agenda). If you wish to make comments on the amendment during that portion of the convention,
please contact us so we ensure your thoughts are heard.

We are conducting the meeting online to avoid a gathering of over 200 county delegates, many
political candidates, and the general public – many of whom are in a category found to be especially
vulnerable to COVID-19. To preregister for the online nominating convention, please go to well before April 18. After you register, you will receive an email
with further instructions including a way to log into the convention via phone if that is your
preference. Please register and login to the convention using your real name. Only registered
delegates using their real names will be able to participate. On convention day (Saturday, April 18),
we suggest you log in before 10 AM so you can become familiar with the online convention

Following the online portion, we will conduct credentialing and voting at Canyon View High School
(166 West 1925 North, Cedar City) from 12 Noon until 3 PM. We ask you to remain in your vehicle
to reduce contact with other people. We will check your photo ID and credential you, then hand
you a ballot. You will then mark your ballot and place it in a sealed ballot box. There will always be
at least two persons monitoring the ballot box to protect your vote. The candidates will be restricted from campaigning or having campaign materials on the school property – again, to reduce possible infectious contact. At 3 PM, we will count ballots under the observation of the candidates’ poll watchers. Election results and a credentialing report will then be delivered to the candidates and posted on the Party website at and will be reported to the Iron County Clerk.

Nominating conventions have traditionally included a Meet-And-Greet hour prior to the actual
convention. That won’t happen with this online format. Likewise, we traditionally have heard from
multi-county and state candidates while votes were being counted. That also won’t happen this
year. So, between now and the online conventions, we urge you to take time to learn about all of
the candidates. Please be open to their efforts to contact you. We each have an obligation to our
community to nominate the candidates that best represent the principles of the Republican Party
and who have the wisdom, skills, and integrity to serve in public office. Knowledge gives us that


Blaine Nay
Chairman, Iron County Utah Republican Party

Delegate Online Registration

The following link is for county delegates to register online. The online conference will be broadcast live, but only county delegates will be permitted to be participants in the meeting. We will match registration info to our delegate spreadsheet.

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