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Fellow Republicans,

The purpose of any political party is to advance its platform and candidates to the community. Our party is no exception. With that in mind, the Iron County GOP invites you to attend a candidate “Meet and Greet” for all GOP Candidates for elected office in Cedar City. We want our Republican Candidates to meet you in a social setting and visit with you one on one.

If you have not registered to vote or need to update your voter registration, you can do it at this meeting.

The event will be at Canyon View High School auditorium on September 9th (Thursday) from 6:00 p.m. until 7:h30 p. m.

The two Republican candidates for mayor and the three Republican candidates for the two City Council Seats have been invited.

At the conclusion of the social part of the evening, each candidate will be given 5 minutes to describe their vision for the future of Cedar City and tell you why they deserve your vote.

Following their remarks there will be an INFORMAL and UNOFFICIAL straw vote, with results posted on

We hope that you, your neighbors and friends, and your family will attend this fun event that will help you make an informed decision in November.

Volney Morin, Chair
Iron County GOP

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