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The following questions were asked by the Advocates for a Prosperous Community, in conjunction with the Iron County Republican Party.

Cedar City Police Chief Adams recently posted a video on Facebook effectively endorsing and defending no-knock warrants. Which of the following describe your position on this issue?

I support no-knock warrants only when there is verifiable information showing the ability and willingness to harm peace officers.

Will types of surplus military equipment do you think are appropriate for the county to accept and use? Which are not?

The current equipment the sheriff’s office has in my opinion is appropriate and is used for officer safety which in turn makes law enforcement operations safer for everyone.

Do you support efforts to unionize the sheriff’s office?

No response

What enforcement authority do federal agencies have in the county and how can the Sheriff prevent federal overreach?

As sheriff I want to work with my federal counterparts, but when it comes to iron county the federal government will only proceed when approved by me The Sheriff if Iron County.

What is your position regarding “civil asset forfeiture”

More transparency and accountability would be useful.

How do you propose to reduce the harm done to our community resulting from drug abuse? Do you think there are better ways to combat this problem?

Holding people accountable for drug sales and use and working with our federal counterparts to get to the starting lineup me of the drugs coming into Iron County. Also education is a must if we want to help those people that are truly asking for the help.

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