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The following questions were asked by the Advocates for a Prosperous Community, in conjunction with the Iron County Republican Party.

Cedar City Police Chief Adams recently posted a video on Facebook effectively endorsing and defending no-knock warrants. Which of the following describe your position on this issue?

I support no-knock warrants when there is verifiable information showing the ability to harm peace officers.

Will types of surplus military equipment do you think are appropriate for the county to accept and use? Which are not?

I believe the use of some military equipment to be appropriate. However, the use of this equipment must be evaluated of how it would be used before it is received. The use of this equipment should be used to protect the people we serve and the deputies in the field. It should be used to prevent the death of a deputy in a high-risk situations.

The Iron County Sheriff’s Office currently has a MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle. This should be used as outlined above. Another item which I believe could be a benefit to all (residents and Law Enforcement) a Bearcat which is much smaller than an MRAP for the use in evacuations and rescue missions.

Things I do not approve of: Fully automatic M-16’s, Stingray Technology, Hailstorm, Grenade launchers and other like equipment. Stingray and Hailstorm technology is a clear violation of the fourth amendment and should not be used by any department/agency.

Do you support efforts to unionize the sheriff’s office?

No. *This candidate submitted a more detailed response, which has been included at his request below.

What enforcement authority do federal agencies have in the county and how can the Sheriff prevent federal overreach?

The sheriff can work with the local agents and administrators in understanding the role of the sheriff. Having a good working relationship with the agents, will help them understand the sheriff has the ultimate say in the enforcement of crimes in his county. If an agent is found to be outside this realm, then the sheriff must stand up against this at all times and in all places.

What is your position regarding “civil asset forfeiture”

Civil asset forfeiture can be abused and more transparency and accountability would be useful

How do you propose to reduce the harm done to our community resulting from drug abuse? Do you think there are better ways to combat this problem?

The first thing we need to do is better educate the community on the drug problem and its effects to the community. Second would be to assist those who are wanting a change in their life to seek treatment. Forcing a person into treatment does not help the issue. The individual has to want to get clean and remain clean. Of those who are in treatment only 21% or less remain sober. Jail is not always the best place, however there are times where that is the best option. 

If elected, I would be actively involved with the local and state agencies to find and implement the best solutions for this issue. I believe there are multiple options to solve this issue if we work together as a community. 

*The reasoning behind unionization has passed as we are moving forward in a positive direction.  

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