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Iron County GOP leaders, delegates, and members:

In my speech before the Iron County Delegates I promised to make our Republican Party more vocal in local affairs. Cedar City is considering the creation of the Family Neighborhood Zone next month, and we have a chance to support that effort.

Cedar City’s current zoning policies tend to favor polar opposite sides of a spectrum from large single-family homes on one end to townhomes and apartments on the other end. The Family Neighborhood Zone will make it easier to fill in part of the middle with modest single-family homes as long as they are occupied by owners. This is a great step toward keeping our young families here in quality neighborhoods.

Our state party platform states: “We recognize the rights of the individual to own property” and that government “…must be restrained from intruding into the freedoms of its citizens.” This ordinance expands the freedoms of our local families to purchase a home that they can call their own and that meets their needs without too many arbitrary requirements that unnecessarily raise costs. This new zone will be discussed at the Cedar City Council meeting on June 2nd at 5:30pm. Please attend and encourage the Cedar City council to keep young families here and support this important step forward. See you there!


Volney Morin,
Chair Iron County GOP

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